Who We Are

Zenoa is the culmination of a decade of trials and errors, wins and losses, and an unstoppable passion for the proliferation of this amazing plant, Cannabis. I have been a grower as long as I have been an adult. I grew in Michigan for a little over a decade under the caregiver model and spent that time learning how NOT to grow. Most honest growers will tell you it is the failures that teach you the most important lessons. My love for this plant accompanied with my pursuit of perfection have led to the precise SOP’s we use to grow some of the highest quality cannabis on the market.

After two years of trying to gain a license in the state of Michigan and failing, I pivoted my focus to Oklahoma with one of my good friends and a team of three incredible guys. In less than two years we have expanded to 19 full time employees and a part time trim crew of over 15 people. We have taken second place in the Cowboy Cup with our exclusive Donkey Butter #9 against 52 entries and have worked hard to earn a reputation for consistent and quality product. We are honored to have gained the trust of so many Oklahomans and will continue to provide only products that have been produced to the highest standards.

What’s to come?

Zenoa is driven by the love of the cannabis plant and the passion for discovering new genetics and techniques to make our products even better. We love all the different expressions of cannabis and are fascinated by it in every way. Our creativity has been stifled in the past by limited plant counts and space but now the fun has really begun with our breeding projects. As we select our winners from past projects we will have new exclusive flower dropping all the time! We are so excited about the genetics we have developed and I know you will be too. We will also be offering a lineup of seed packs coming in 2022.